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The new generation of plate top curved conveyor has been launched out. For logistics transportation, HONGSBELT has developed the plate top curved conveyors. Which are installed with HS-2000A plate top modular conveyor belt, turning radius of it is fixed---600mm, and will not change because of the belt width, in another words, the turning radius will not increase due to the increase of the belt width. The inner radius of the conveyor is only 600mm; the width of conveyor increases with 200mm as unit, Max width is 1000mm, Max. Load capacity is up to 1 Ton, and maximum speed can up to 120m, which can meet the requirements of high-speed conveying in airport, and also meet a variety of demands i
HONGSBELT supply comprehensive solutions for your conveying, devoting to improve production efficiency and achieve minimized cost for customers. The varies solutions of HONGSBELT Modular Conveyor belt are aimed at optimizing the existing spiral conveying system and reducing the total cost of large-scale retrofitting by solving bottleneck problem of production line. By research HONGSBELT Team found that Safety of producing is more and more becoming a concern in modern factory, so we specially develop this new product: Anti-Flaming Modular Conveyor belt, which can achieve V0 level, and eliminate potential safety hazard in your producing. HONGSBELT Anti-Flaming Modular Conveyor belt are widel
HONGSBELT Super Grade Conveyor belt (Pure thermoplastic polyurethane belt)---New conveyor belt with integration of multiple mature technology,: In order to meet food processing industry stringent hygiene requirement,HONGSBELT Super Grade PU Conveyor belt have been researched and developed that integrate traditional flat belt advantage of low tension and Modular plastic mesh belt drive sprocket system The Applications of HONGSBELT Super Grade PU Conveyor belt: HONGSBELT PU conveyor belts can effectively reduce the gap, Food residues& scrap materials of hinges and dead corner, reducing pollution risk during production that specially suitable for below industries: -1), Meat and Poultry pr
HONGSBELT GROUP research team who research the roller modular belt found that the present problem in large warehouse conveyors sorting center as follows: 1, Many conveyor belts can not be easily deal with goods on conveyor line automatically change direction and distribution 2, Chaotic product can not be automatically organized into rows 3, Packaging deviation caused by diverter power interruption 4, Inaccurate position of the packaged goods on conveyors caused blocking, poor results of bar code reading, machine halt and slow down the production line 5, People have to adjust the conveyors when packed goods transfer slow, also causing great delay 6, Obstruction leading to dead-block of conve
HONGSBELT Team supply comprehensive solutions by communicating with customers?project engineers, and then supply suitable products which works well and can help customers improve producing efficiency in short time, achieving minimized cost for customers. The varies solutions of HONGSBELT?Crispening Tracking Curved Modular Conveyor belt are aimed at optimizing the existing conveying system and reducing the total cost of large-scale retrofitting by solving bottleneck problem of production line HONGSBELT Crispening Tracking Curved Modular Conveyor Belt is widely used in different industries: slaughtering, Battery, and incline conveying line .their main factors are as follows: -1)With guide tr
HONGSBELT spiral conveyor solutions are very completed and can improve the productivity as much as possible in spiral application. Low cost, high efficiency. To breakthrough the bottleneck restriction of production line, improve efficiency and lower costs, HONGSBELT spiral conveyor solutions have been researched and developed. HONGSBELT spiral conveyor belts are widely used in different industries, like refrigeration machine, cooling machine, fermentation machine and elevator. With professional technical knowledge and good command of customers’ production process and products, HONGSBELT is able to develop innovative modular belt to help customers achieve the maximum profit and minimum
The HS-1800 Series 2.5inch pitch belt is HONGSBELT strongest modular plastic belt, widely used for heavy loading industrial application and automotive industry, 2 lane final assembly line conveyors, Skid and pallet handling conveyors, 2-lane water test conveyors and automotive parts handling. The belt has proven itself also in single lane car wash and single lane end-of-line inspection conveyors replacing conventional conveyance technology. It is moulded in high performance acetal and utilizing specialized PA6 rods as well as stainless steel pins. The belt is available to be equipped with F1 and F2 automotive pushers, which are designed to be driven over and ensure a controlled handling of
New Product: New Roller Types of Modular Conveyor Belt Mass production and high quality standard of beverage industry require the continual innovation of production system. Efficiency improving, downtime reducing is the key of succeeding in the competitive beverage industry. HONGSBELT modular belt provide innovative solution for beverage manufacturing equipment. The birth of New Roller Types of Modular Conveyor Belt (Small turning radius) makes the beverage boxes packaging stacked line more stable, easier and faster!
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