When corrugated manufacturers and OEMs choose to work with HONGSBELT, they increase their productivity, reduce costs and improve worker safety.HONGSBELT HS-1800E,with molded width, is usedtopaper roll transport. Contact with HONG's sales team to get more professional information.
Most traditional conveyor system still adopt roller conveyor line for corrugated paper and cardboard industry, which is the combination of roller and roller conveyor chain plate.The problem that appears:The conveyor system can cause production losses and material wastes of non-renewable resources.Besides, , when the operator tries to stand or cross the static and moving roller, accidents occurs easily, which is very dangerous.Plastic modular belt is smart, safe, stable, of high qualified rate, whic is an inevitable trend to replace traditional roller.
With HONGSBELT complete conveying solution, the newest generation corrugated cardboard conveying system can satisfy the highest quality requirements for corrugated production, including storing, loading, conveying of different units, from the middle storage to the final production workshop.Realize the most accurate corrugated cardboard conveying, the direction and position of stack can be rightly changed. The transfer car and moving conveying provide a smooth delivery in individual conveying. If flowing needed, the stack can be sent to any direction by the rotary disc.HONGSBELT modular plastic conveyor belt, all for improving productivity, safety and efficiency in corrugated cardboard indust
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