Meat (Beaf & Pork)

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HONGSBELT® modular plastic conveyor belt is widely used in meat product processing factory that produced for exporting. It adopted HONGSBELT® modular belts in all transporting procedure. The series products of HONGSBELT® have passed FDA certification. Its simple design made the belt easy to install, dismantle and clean. All the food that contact with belt is able to get the greatest guarantee of security hygiene.


According to the strict request with food hygiene, all series products of HONGSBELT® can add antibiotic in additional. Before adding antibiotic the quantity of colon bacillus and gold staphylococcus in HONGSBELT® PE material is about 0.125 times of that in PVC conveyor belt; After adding antibiotic, it is only 0.1 times of that in PE material without adding antibiotic, more important, the effect will be long lasting, and it won’t disappear because of time.


The series products of HONGSBELT® are made from single plastic material, and it has the characteristic of easy assembling. Even it encounters the material interference or assembling difficulties, it is not necessary to take the metal detector apart, so it can reduce the crash errors and the damage risk in the procedure of maintaining and cleaning. 


HONGSBELT® modular conveyor belt realize light-weight conveying design with unique technology. All relevant technologies and applications please consult our engineering department, HONGSBELT® will be your most reliable choice.


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