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View: 5784  From: HONG'S BELT  Date: 2019-09-02

HONGSBELT both modular plastic belt and chains belt are all widely used in beverage industry.

HONGSBELT, with its powerful manufacturing capability, rich product system and perfect price, has got customers’ worldwide recognition since it’s first step into beverage industry in 2010.

Until now, HONGSBELT has established strategic cooperation with the world beverage OEM giant SMI group. Besides, Chinese beverage OEM giant Newamstar and other major equipment manufacturers DTS, Vanta, Tech-Long have all become HONGSBELT strategic partners.

Because of several years cooperation with Guangzhou Vanta, HONGSBELT conveyor belt has been internally used by Zhuhai Coca-Cola since 2011.

In early April 2014, accidentally, due to Zhuhai Coca Cola conveyor equipment problem, their conveyor belt begin to break. Hearing the news, HONGSBELT team rushed to the scene, quickly indicated accident causes, and accomplish conveyor belt assembling and on-site installation within one day, which was unanimously recognized by Coca-Cola Co., thus specified HONGSBELT as their approved supplier. 

Cooperated so far, HONGSBELT hasn't received any quality complaints from them.


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