During 2000-2005, Mr. Hong Jianrong, founder of HONGSBELT, with his profound understanding and advanced concepts for automation industry, through five years professional market research into all industries, planned a strategic blueprint for HONGSBELT - From integration of production, supply and sales to the long-term strategic development goals of the automation industry.

In 2005, HONGSBELT was established in Shenzhen, with its own brand -- HONGSBELT. We manufacture smart conveyor belts integrated with preciseness and artistic elements and create new concepts of modular smart conveying system. In the same year, International Trading Department (ITD) was set up, indicating HONGSBELT step into the world. 

In 2006, HONGSBELT established molding and injection department, introduced varieties of advanced equipment.

Until 2007, HONGSBELT smart solution modules have accumulated to 600.

During 2008-2009, HONGSBELT passed ISO9001-2008, FDA certifications of modular conveyor belt. Setting up precision equipment R&D department, introducing talents in equipment design and technology, open a new world in researching and manufacturing equipment.

In 2010, Shenzhen Pinghu production base was put into use. HONGSBELT successfully developed modular intelligent sorting conveyor system to enter the field of logistics intelligence.

In 2011, with more than 50 agents worldwide, HONGSBELT establishes a global developing strategy as follows:
China, India, Indonesia, South Korea,Thailand and Vietnam as the center of Asia (based on China),Poland and England as the center of Europe, America as the center of North America , Chile, Argentina, Brazil as the center of South America, Egypt and Morocco as the center of Northern Africa, South Africa as the center of Southern Africa, Nigeria as the center of Western Africa, Australia and New Zealand as the center of Oceania, to achieve our mission: "Conveying, moves the world forward."

In 2012, HONGSBELT developed a fully automated robots stacking conveying system on its own. In the same year, a new dense automatic conveying system for three-dimensional warehouse was created by HONGSBELT, which strengthened enterprises’ logistics section in supply chain. In the same year, HONSGBELT signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Maxbelt Janusz Rak(From Poland) to fully enter European market with intelligent conveyor systems.

In 2013, HONSGBELT signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Safari Belting Systems, Inc(From America) to fully enter American market with intelligent conveyor systems.

In 2014, HONGSBLET obtains more than 60 utility model patent certificates and obtained third-party technical qualifications of logistics products. In the same year, the new product was successfully developed: universal roller turning conveyor system and the relevant patent.

In the same year (2014), HONSGBELT signed a strategic cooperation agreement with NUCTECH.

In 2015, to actively response to the "East forward strategy", HONGSBELT headquartered to Li Lang Software Park in Longgang. In the same year, with the visit of vice president Sun Shangmin from NUCTECH, HONGSBELT established its core development route-the MRC production model and design management concept, comprehensively improve production efficiency and quickly respond to customers' service capabilities.

In 2016, HONGSBELT was honored with National High-tech Enterprise certificate. Since then, a new round of innovation and development was raised up inside HONGSBELT. In the same year, HONGSBELT finished construction of heavy-duty automotive conveyor system for security inspection of Xinjiang highway checkpoint, marking the high praise of  heavy-duty products from NUCTECH, and making active contribution for people’s safe journey.

In May 2017, Dongguan's wholly-owned production base(Ican Precision) was established, invest more in intelligent production equipment, improve efficiency, expand production capacity, and fully accelerate customer service.

In June 2017, HONGSBELT won the title of Excellent Supplier and Strategic Partnership of NUCTECH and was invited to participate in NUCTECH'S 20-year-cooperation forum.

In 2018, China customs vehicle safety inspection conveyor system of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge was successfully installed on site.The planning, designing, testing, producing and installing on site of the project has lasted for 3 years, which contributes to the prosperity of the country with HONGSBELT's full efforts!

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