Gherkins(Pickling) Conveying

View: 2425  From: HONG'S BELT  Date: 2021-11-02

This is an example of a factory for vegetables pickling processing. The procedure includes cutting gherkins in standard size as a conveying and storing before pickling.

HONGSBELT® will not absorb and remain the oil sludge due to its characteristic of high density molecular structure; it also has the excellent characteristic of enduring cutting and wearing whatever horizon conveying or slope conveying. HONGSBELT® only has to make 2 points for holding down purpose, and it can reach the result of level inclined conveyance. The surface of belt will not warp and break while holding down on both sides. To assist with flight design in the belt and it can transport products inclined to any angles correctly without any mistakes.

All HONGSBELT® serial products adopt FDA material, HONGSBELT® will be your best choice in the transporting procedure of food or other products. More advantages and details about HONGSBELT® conveyors, please contact HONGSBELT® Team (



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