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View: 4366  From: HONG'S BELT  Date: 2019-09-02

Good performance of anti-skid conveyor belt in car-assembly plant.

After installed HONGSBELT® HS-1800 series anti-skid conveyor belt, a car-assembly plant fully eliminated ankle and foot injuries caused by skidding. Adoption of HONGSBELT® conveyor belt solutions can also solve contact stress problem, thus reducing back tension and unnatural joint posture. 
What’s more, HONGSBELT® anti-skid conveyor belt shows superior quality and durability in moving platform. Compared with HONGSBELT® solution, the cost of some factories which assemble rubber belt for small(5feet/127mm) moving platform is 50% higher every year. For these factories, it would save much belt maintenance cost replacing their existing belt with HONGSBELT® conveyor belt.


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