Good performance of anti-skid conveyor belt in car-assembly plant.After installed HONGSBELT® HS-1800 series anti-skid conveyor belt, a car-assembly plant fully eliminated ankle and foot injuries caused by skidding. Adoption of HONGSBELT® conveyor belt solutions can also solve contact stress problem, thus reducing back tension and unnatural joint posture.What’s more, HONGSBELT® anti-skid conveyor belt shows superior quality and durability in moving platform. Compared with HONGSBELT® solution, the cost of some factories which assemble rubber belt for small(5feet/127mm) moving platform is 50% higher every year. For these factories, it would save much belt maintenance cost
Car washing channelBy replacing the complex components like entrance corrector, guide rail and chains with HONGSBELT® smooth, continuous conveyor belt, car washing industry can significantly improve personnel safety and reduce car damaging accident. High-quality HONGSBELT® conveyor belt enables car washing operators to save time and money through standardized process. By reducing risk and improve employee safety, they can also decrease insurance costs.A, Protect car from unnecessary damage--Those car washes which equipped with HONGSBELT® conveyor belt allow customers’ car to drive directly onto the conveyor belt instead of aligning in the complex correction, thus avoiding d
Fast MaintenanceDuring rapid maintenance application, car drive directly onto HONGSBELT® conveyor belt, maintenance people can safely finish all work before the end of the belt. Automotive processes can increase operator productivity and reduce customer complaints. Customers can enjoy the excellent stability brought by automotive process, at the same time get a full set of quality services.
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