HONGSBELT used in dairy industry. We provide support and expertise across all dairy segments, including butter, cheese, ice cream, milk, yogurt, and cream.Advantages include:Increased throughput,Reduced maintenance,Enhanced product-handling flexibility,Improved food safety and hygiene and Reduced sanitation costs.
HONGSBELT also very popular in snack food industry, wecontinually delivers smart conveyor belting solutions to the Snack Food industry that improve operational efficiencies in each area of the plant.HONGSBELTsolutions have long been applied in traditional applications such as peeler-to-sorter, incline-to-packaging, and various applications in the back end of snack plants.
This is an example of a famous beverages production factory for the cooling and accumulation of beveragein aluminium foil packing, the beltwidth is 3000mm, conveyor length is 11.5 M and total load capacity is 2640kg.In the very begining, it adopted stainless steel belt, however, its fault rate is too high and so difficult to maintain which could delay the efficiency of production. After adopting HONGSBELT®modular belt, the operationresult is good. We also made some refit on the conveyor, the drive/idle shafts adopt 45mm stainless steel solid shafts and use auxiliary supporting bearing in center position to avoid shafts deforming because of heavy loading for a long period.HONGSBELT®re
HONGSBELT both modular plastic belt and chains belt areall widely used in beverage industry.HONGSBELT, with its powerful manufacturing capability, rich product system and perfect price, has got customers’ worldwiderecognition since it’s first step into beverage industry in 2010.Until now, HONGSBELThas established strategic cooperation with the world beverage OEM giant SMI group. Besides, Chinese beverage OEMgiant Newamstar and other major equipment manufacturers DTS, Vanta, Tech-Long have all become HONGSBELT strategic partners.Because of several years cooperation with Guangzhou Vanta,HONGSBELT conveyor belt has been internally used by Zhuhai Coca-Cola since2011.In early April 20
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