This is an example of application in a fish processing factory. Except common horizontal conveyor, they adopted HONGSBELT® modular conveyor belt with flights and designed the conveyor into Z type for transporting fish heads and bones to another factory building.Backbend guide devices (HDM) can be attached to HONGSBELT® modular belt. They apply to the inclined conveyor to avoid adopting hold down rails on both sides. Hanging in the bottom of belt via the simple track, HDM can achieve inclined transporting easily. With flights in additional, the conveyor belt can transport products to any angles without mistakes.The series products of HONGSBELT® are FDA certified. Its simple struct
HONGSBELT® modular plastic conveyor belt is widely used inmeat product processing factory that produced for exporting. It adopted HONGSBELT® modular belts in all transporting procedure. The series products of HONGSBELT® have passed FDA certification. Its simple design made the belt easy to install, dismantle and clean. All the food that contact with belt is able to get the greatest guarantee of security hygiene.According to the strict request with food hygiene, all series products of HONGSBELT® can add antibiotic in additional. Before adding antibiotic the quantity of colon bacillus and gold staphylococcus in HONGSBELT® PE material is about 0.125 times of that in PVC conv
This example is used in both sides of the selection conveyors with electronic platform scale in the food processing factory, as the transporting buffer area after weight grading. This conveyor adopts HONGSBELT® HS-400A modular belt and utilizes its characteristic of minimum sprocket diameter(17mm) to shorten the distance with selection conveyor.The drive method of the conveyor is center drive; it is dismountable and cleanable. Electronic detection and automatic controloften make the belt pause and startin a very short time, and the belt also need to be used in oil, low temperature and moist environment.All series of HONGSBELT® products adopt FDA certified material. In the transportin
Backbend guide devices (HDM) can be attached to HONGSBELT® modular belts. They can apply to the inclined conveyor that must avoid adopting hold down rails on both sides. They hang on the belt bottom via the simple track to form an inclined transporting process with backbend radius. To attach flights to belt in additional and it will transport products to all angles without any mistakes.The serial products of HONGSBELT® have passed all standard measure of food hygiene in F.D.A. It has simple structure and install, dismantle and wash easily. All the food that belts contact with is able to get the greatest guarantee of security hygiene.According to the strict request with food hygiene,
Adopt HONGSBELT® for transporting agricultural products. Due to agricultural products would attach lots of sand and soil; the grit is easy to wear and cut the surface of belt. The lifespan of HONGSBELT® will be over 10 times than PVC belt’s while using in the environment of transporting agricultural products.HONGSBELT® has average open area and excellent filtering ability; it can suffice the environment of submerged to rid of worms and bug eggs. The speciality of high rigidity can let HONGSBELT® only have to make 2 points for holding down purpose, and it can reach the result of level inclined conveyance. The surface of belt will not warp and break while holding down on
HONGSBELT both modular plastic belt and chains belt areall widely used in beverage industry.Shenzhen HONGSBELT, with its powerful manufacturing capability, rich product system and perfect price, has got customers’ worldwiderecognition since it’s first step into beverage industry in 2010.Until now, HONGSBELThas established strategic cooperation with the world beverage OEM giant SMI group. Besides, Chinese beverage OEMgiant Newamstar and other major equipment manufacturers DTS, Vanta, Tech-Long have all become HONGSBELT strategic partners.Because of several years cooperation with Guangzhou Vanta,HONGSBELT conveyor belt has been internally used by Zhuhai Coca-Cola since2011.In early
HONGSBELT used in dairy industry. We provide support and expertise across all dairy segments, including butter, cheese, ice cream, milk, yogurt, and cream.Advantages include:Increased throughput,Reduced maintenance,Enhanced product-handling flexibility,Improved food safety and hygiene and Reduced sanitation costs.
HONGSBELT conveyor belts are widely used in baking industry, especially for cooling line in spiral conveyor.Modular plastic belt HS-500B is your ideal solutions for spiral conveyor.Hong‘s Belt Bakery Team members include bakery experts from engineering, customer service, and technical support departments, as well as dedicated bakery-specific account managers, to ensure that we fully understand our customers’ applications and conveyance needs.
HONGSBELT also very popular in snack food industry, wecontinually delivers smart conveyor belting solutions to the Snack Food industry that improve operational efficiencies in each area of the plant.Hong's Belt solutions have long been applied in traditional applications such as peeler-to-sorter, incline-to-packaging, and various applications in the back end of snack plants.
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