Smoked Meat

View: 1662  From: HONG'S BELT  Date: 2012-12-17

This is an example of a famous smoked food factory for transporting smoked food. In the procedure of making smoked food, it will produce some pigments after caramel carbonization and liberate inside oil from smoked meat. To adopt PVC belt as the transporting line for cooling packing is not able to dispel the heat, ventilate, and inhale oil. The belt must be tightened because of the high tension characteristic; it will result in the fuselage can not be washed completely and the belt will produce the peculiar smell, the flavor of smelly oil dirt, to influence the quality of hygiene and processing seriously.


The series products of HONGSBELT® have passed FDA certification, the simple design makes the belt easy to install, dismantle and clean.  All the food that contact with belt is able to get the greatest guarantee of security hygiene. All relevant technologies and applications please consult our engineering department, HONGSBELT® will be the most reliable choice to you.



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