Hong's Belt offers several different lines of packaging conveyor systems to accommodate any product your business might have.Hong's Beltpackaging conveyor applications provide your business with the ability to optimize labor assets while achieving accurate, consistent and safe product routine while reducing product loss.
Secondary packaging requires effective and efficient processing to protect both the product and its primary packaging. We can help you choose the right conveyor and processing belts to achieve major process improvements, higher productivity, and lower maintenance costs.Hong's Belt can not only help you find the optimal belting solution, we are also the provider of choice for services beyond belting, including technical support and consultancy. With the focus on high speed performance and precise positioning, we deliver solutions to meet your most demanding applications.
Hong's Belt provides a broad range of solutions to optimize your entire operations. Our product supplies increased throughput and system reliability, combined with gentle handling and the ongoing flexibility to manage future packaging innovations. With innovative modular plastic belting and automated equipment for handling heavy cases of fragile glass, or difficult PET bottles,small packages,and more, Hong's Belt provides performance-driven results globally.
This is an example of a vegetables processing factory in Shanghai, China. The procedure of the operation area is washing, slicing, cutting vegetables, second washing, ridding of worms and bug eggs, dehydrating, selecting and metal measuring.HONGSBELT® has average open area and excellent filtering ability; it can suffice the environment of submerged to rid of worms and bug eggs. The speciality of high rigidity can let HONGSBELT® only has to make 2 points for holding down purpose, and it can reach the result of level inclined conveyance. The surface of belt will not warp and break while holding down on both sides. To assist with flight design in the belt and it can transport products i
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