We, HONGSBELT, have been proving our high-quality and innovation through constantly introduction of new materials . After successful cooperation with our customers, we have developed a large number of optional belt solutions for tire manufacturing. Due to obvious advantages compared to traditional conveyor belt, after eliminating a lot of after-sale service&security risks, we have largely invested in the development of modular conveyor belt. Now HONGSBELT offers thousand types of smart modular belt of different material and color, which can run through every process of tire manufacturing.
We offer customized solutions that allow our customers to achieve their goals and reduce costs. Hong's Belt's quality innovations are proven to increase worker morale, allowing manufacturers to reach their peak productivity. Hong's Belt'scustomized service and guarantee packages, combined with comprehensive engineering support are some of the premium conveyance systems’ services we offer for the Automotive Industry.
Developing so far, tire manufacturing line has been using PVC belt, rubber belt, roller, metal conveying to meet end-user’s needs--to replace manual work by machine,at that time, market was pushed by application. Later, with the force of capacity, automation, from individual process manufacturing, developed to the whole line reform. As for the increasing of capacity, market supply and demand gradually achieved a balance, cost control becomes the primary factor in competition, end customers all concern how to control the product quality. Thus high-quality modular plastic conveyor system was introduced to tire manufacturing line, which solved all kinds of problem occurred before. Smart d
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