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Backbend guide devices (HDM) can be attached to HONGSBELT® modular belts. They can apply to the inclined conveyor that must avoid adopting hold down rails on both sides. They hang on the belt bottom via the simple track to form an inclined transporting process with backbend radius. To attach flights to belt in additional and it will transport products to all angles without any mistakes.

The serial products of HONGSBELT® have passed all standard measure of food hygiene in F.D.A. It has simple structure and install, dismantle and wash easily.  All the food that belts contact with is able to get the greatest guarantee of security hygiene.

According to the strict request with food hygiene, all serial products of HONGSBELT® can add antibiotic in additional. Before adding antibiotic the quantity of colon bacillus and gold staphylococcus in HONGSBELT® P.E. material is only 0.125 times of PVC belt. After adding antibiotic, it is 0.1 times of that without adding antibiotic. The effect will continue for a long time, and it won’t lose because of time increasing.


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