Food Industry

View: 1746  From: HONG'S BELT  Date: 2021-11-02

HONGSBELT® provided a perfect conveying solution for food industry from food transmission, sorting to storage. In addition, HONGSBELT® helps customers to lower the operating cost with its excellent reliability and accuracy, improve the productivity sharply and realize the rapid development of enterprises at the same time.

Food industry not only means the food processing. Many applications relate to food, except to accord with consistent hygiene standards, also pay more attention to high output, global availability and low maintenance.

HONGSBELT® solutions help food enterprises improve its competitive in the world market. HONGSBELT® is very famous in this industry because we worked with many top food company. Our products relate to high efficient solutions like food grade modular plastic belt, distinguished 3D spiral conveyor for space saving and all kinds of modular belt conveying equipment and skills for energy saving.



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