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New Product: Innovative Spiral Conveyor Belt

View: 857  From: HONG'S BELT  Date: 2012-10-17

HONGSBELT spiral conveyor solutions are very completed and can improve the productivity as much as possible in spiral application. Low cost, high efficiency. To breakthrough the bottleneck restriction of production line, improve efficiency and lower costs, HONGSBELT spiral conveyor solutions have been researched and developed.

HONGSBELT spiral conveyor belts are widely used in different industries, like refrigeration machine, cooling machine, fermentation machine and elevator. With professional technical knowledge and good command of customers’ production process and products, HONGSBELT is able to develop innovative modular belt to help customers achieve the maximum profit and minimum risk. HONGSBELT spiral conveyor belt can eliminate unexpected down time, lower the product waste and guarantee high quality at the same time.

HONGSBELT spiral conveyor belt can eliminate unexpected down time and improve the quality of spiral conveyor refrigeration machine.

With flexible structure and good design, HONGSBELT spiral conveyor belt improve the productivity of cooler machine.

HONGBELT spiral conveyor belt extend the belt’s longevity and reduce 75% maintenance.

Strong &durable of HONGBELT spiral conveyor belt  can work well in all kinds of harsh water-cooling environment.

HONGSBELT spiral conveyor belt can reduce the tensile force and back press in field of buffer and stacking.

HONGSBELT spiral conveyor belt can work well in dispose and shake of dough.
Conclusion: HONGSBELT spiral conveyor belt can improve the product quality in the above mentioned industry because it can decrease moulage on food and avoid black spot. product waste is reduced, and accidental hang-up is eliminate. Modular design of HONGSBELT spiral conveyor belt makes the repair and change job conveniently, that enable to extend the producing time extremely---without lubricant, high-temperature operation, welding, milling, and special tools. For its light weight, little tensile force and low power of motor, HONGSBELT spiral conveyor belt reduce the annual consumption of power and energy.

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