HONGSBELT® High-quality Plastic Chains


HONGSBELT® Plastic chains can be installed and operate in most of current chain system in the market, and correspond with the industry standard.  


HONGSBELT® new series have much prominent performance, including such as Low-friction coefficient, Chemical Resistance, Anti-static, Flame retardant etc. Which can satisfy the requirements in different it industries and environment. 


Comprehensive standard and innovative materials cater to all needs of customers:

DP-Standard POM

LF-low Friction coefficient

PT-Super Low-friction coefficient (self-lubricating) POM


EC-Anti-static (electrical conductivity )

DE-For Metal detect

PK-Wear resistant ( for both of dry and wet environments)

WR-Super Wear-resistant (mainly for glass ware)

NY-Thermo-stability Polyamide

PP-Chemical Resistance

FR-Flame retardant

MG-Magnetic sensitive

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