Modular Conveyor belt—Innovation of Conveyor belt, advanced conveyor belt products. We have enough solutions which enable constantly conveying of your equipments. We supply comprehensive solutions of conveying and transmission, just for the requirements of high efficiency. 

Super conveying functions: Spiral Modular Belt, Flat-top Radius Modular Belt, Universal Ball Belt, Vacuum Lifting Modular Belt, Lifting Modular Belt with flights and sidewall, Heavy-duty Modular Belt and Easy-clean Modular Belt etc. all problems of conveying can be solved easily.


HONGSBELT® Normal Types:
 Flat Top: apply to closed surface conveying, suitable for a wide range of products
 Flush Grid: excellent for drainage and airflow
 Raised Top: Suitable for the products need to keep steady in conveying 
 Open hinge type: easy to clean
 Grip Top: Suitable for inclined conveying 
 Roller Top: Apply to low back pressure’ application fields
 Perforated Flat Top: Suitable for products which have request for the drain of water and air, but only with small open area of belt.

 HONGSBELT® Special Types:
 Mesh Top
 None Skid
 Open lattice type
 Mini Rib
 Nub Top (Anti-sticky)
 Cone Top (Strong holding power)
 Ball Top
 Flat Top Radius type

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